About Us

Duy Chinh was born in a family handed down from more than 3 generations of sculpture at Bui Chu area Nam Dinh province. With the indulgence & the enthusiasm of creative. At the age of nine Duy Chinh already followed up the generational profession & with the investigation learning at the sculpture shool in Haø Noäi, he growing up as training period. From that time Duy Chinh already created the high quality artistic works for the Bui Chu , Phat Diem, Thai Binh parishes a lot of the lively wooden statues brought heavily the Asian traditional feature.

In 2002, Duy Chinh , his family & disciples and the very experienced workers leaved Bui Chu, native country come to live & work in HCM city. From that time to now Duy Chinh already did & manufactured more works for parishes, religious houses and exported to others foreign coutries as : United States, Italy, Portugal, French, Thailand and Korea…

Duy Chinh workshop already developed more professions with an excellent experient team of workers come from the traditional trade village with the development factory included machinery systems.

Artisan Duy Chinh also designs a lot of models and always bring the pleasance to the Right Reverents, Catholic Priest, Religious Leaders and Customers…

Duy Chinh workshop specialized in manufacturing & supplying the commodities as : statues of Christ, Virgin (Mary), Saints, pictures & relieves, the decorative, copied antique statues… The high quality wooden interior furnitures such as : Tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, lamps… all of the products are made of natural solid wood as: Goõ wood, Rose wood, Pômu, Talauma, Caêm xe… The Duy Chinh furnitures also remanufacture the furnitures by the old wood.

Each products are manufactured from Duy Chinh factory is combined between good material, well impressional designs plus with the skillfulness to make up the soft, fine imbue with Asian or European lines. Duy Chinh craftman always proud of himself to show the works to distinguish the solemn, luxurious to the Cathedrals, your apartments because each works is expressed a wonderful masterpiece.

In the evolutionary process, Duy Chinh understands and respects the value of prestige. So that Duy Chinh always wants to bring the well quality to his Bishops, Catholic Priests and dear customers and hopes to co-oporate long term with all of customers.